4 of the Coolest Places you NEED to see in Valencia, Spain

As more and more countries are slowly getting ready to open their borders again, there’s no doubt your post-covid19 bucket-list is reaching it’s capacity fast. When travelling to Spain, don’t miss your chance to visit the beautiful city, Valencia. Known to be Spain’s third largest city with over 300 days of sunshine, it’s also where the famous dish Paella originated from. This city doesn’t play around when it comes to food, fine architecture and a culture you won’t find anywhere else. Here are 4 of the coolest places to you NEED to add to your list when travelling Valencia.

1. Visit the narrowest building in the world

Walk fast and you might just miss it – this pencil-like house is no more than 107 centimeters wide, barely bigger than a regular door. Located in Valencia’s Plaza Lope de Vega, it has long since merged with the adjacent buildings but its façade has been preserved for its unique design and history.

2. Grab a bite at Valencia Central Market 

There’s no accounting for just how beautiful Valencia Central Market is as sunlight streams through its stained-glass panels. Drop by around lunch for local tapas and some fresh fruit juice; it’s a charming experience you won’t get elsewhere.

3. Get Lost at the City of Arts and Sciences

The complex of the City of Arts and Sciences celebrates modern concepts in both its figurative and literal forms. Explore the eye-shaped planetarium, the skeletal museum of science, the stunning landscaped walk of L’Umbracle, and Europe’s largest oceanographic aquarium. 

4. Tour the historical Valencia Cathedral

Dating back to the 13th century, Valencia Cathedral is a gothic structure layered over with renaissance, baroque and neoclassical features. Venture inside its sun-beaten walls for masterful 15th century renaissance paintings, as well as the somewhat controversial Chapel of the Holy Chalice.

Thinking of visiting more cities in Spain? It’s your chance to discover the beautiful city Bilbao where we’ll show you 4 of the most AMAZING things you need to do there.

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