4 Amazing Things you NEED to do in Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao, a magical city encompassed with stunning landscapes, innovative art and delicious cuisine with architecture that’ll leave you mesmerized. This treasured city is located in Northern Spain and home to many great attractions. There’s no doubt your travel bucket list has been filling up faster than usual due to Covid19. With Bilbao, Spain being one of the many enchanted places on that list, you’re going to want to make the most of your time there. Here are 4 amazing things you need to do on your trip to Bilbao.

1. Tapa hopping at Plaza Nueva

There’s no denying Plaza Nueva’s architectural value, but what you really have to experience there is the astounding range of tapas. One that’s not to be missed is Gure Toki. Known for reinventing traditional Basque recipes of delicious patatas bravas and their home specialty of grilled foie with apple and sweet sherry, it truly leaves the tastebuds beaming with joy ; It doesn’t stop there, as you walk around the square, you’ll find more delectable options in every corner and nook.

2. Go to the Guggenheim Museum

An architectural icon, the Guggenheim Museum is recognizable for its sweeping panels and metallic sheen. Dip inside for a significant collection of modern and contemporary art pieces, ranging from Rothko’s solid paintings to sculpture pieces by Richard Serra.

A casual walk around this iconic museum is sure to deliver cultural value as it’s surrounded by Puppy by Jeff Koon, a 40 feet tall beautiful, floral installation of a West Highland White Terrier. If cute isn’t your thing, Maman, a 30 feet monumental Black Widow Spider made of stainless steel and marble, stands its ground outside by the fountains of the Guggenheim, making your entrance or exit a beautiful or a frightening experience

3. Munch inside La Ribera Food Hall

Europe’s largest Indoor food market, La Ribera is a requisite visit for foodies. Each section of this food hall is dedicated to its own produce, separating seafood, meats, cheeses and deli products for easy navigation.

In particular, the first floor Food Hall is brimming with delicious tapas, wine and desserts. On some occasions, there are even live jazz bands to liven up the atmosphere!

4. Visit Gazelugatxe where Game of Thrones filmed a couple of scenes

This stunning islet is located some 35 kilometers east of Bilbao. A day trip to Gazelugatxe is a MUST for fantasy lovers. Connected to the mainland by a zig-zag stone bridge and winding stone path, you’ll find a church where legend dictates you ring the bell three times and make a wish. Wish-making properties aside, you’ll fall in love with its mystical aura – for which it was cast as a Game of Thrones set. 

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