Why you’ll Fall in Love With Spain

What to expect on your trip to Spain

Passionate and soulful. The historian and artist. An evocative story-teller whose tales are as fantastical as they are real.  

A well of timeless cities, magical landscapes and a trove of coveted art and rich history, Spain is rife with possibilities. And with an attitude of ‘live life and live it good’, Spanish culture has found music, dance and art as its prime medium of expression. 

What is Spain known for?

Spain’s geographical positioning and royal pedigree has built its image around three things: seaside glamour, exquisite architecture and dynamic cuisine. 

From the sea-scented Barcelona to beach-dominated San Sebastian, Spain has long been regarded as a free-spirited holiday destination thanks to its natural setting. With it comes a passionate and lively culture that celebrates nightlife, intense dances and music that range from catchy to languid.

Spain is also known for its wide ranging architectural styles, from Granada’s Islamic Alhambra to Bilbao’s sleek and contemporary Guggenheim Museum, the Gothic quarter that characterizes Barcelona and Seville’s horseshoe arches. Traces of every architectural period can be found in each city.

Seafood Paella and of course, Spain’s divine cuisine is a huge draw for visitors. Its lush landscapes pair with fresh sea catches to present dishes that blend seafood, meats and staple foods together. Bite-sized tapas are classic go-to’s as are seafood paella. Brick-oven grilled steaks are also in demand but cold cuts like iberico ham are a country signature.

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