Top 10 Things you Need to See in Seoul

In order to explore Seoul at maximum potential, we’ve made a curated list of cosmopolitan fun and cultural experiences to help get you there.

1.Touristy Myeongdong will upgrade your skincare routine like you’ve never seen before. Local and international brands line the main streets while narrower alleys are occupied by boutique fashion and merchandise stands. After a good skin care haul, fuel up on deep fried and greasy street food such as cheese-baked seafood, skewers and thinly-cut tornado potatoes. 

Photo taken at Myeongdong

2.Dongdaemun is a shopping haven that will tempt you in to spending more than you should – but you won’t regret it. Armed with a 24/7 host of department stores, this shopping heaven will revamp your style. For bargain fast fashion, check out ApM Mall or Migliore.Doota is a more of an upscale mall that aims for classy and chic.

Right in between all these malls is the well designed, cutting edge Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Known for housing concept brands, restaurants, galleries and a LINE store. It is more famously known for hosting fashion and design events including Seoul Fashion Week, where models, idols and KOLs alike come to show off their most daring outfits.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

3.Drop by the stunning COEX Library, bookshelves stretching from floor to ceiling in an open atrium. Its unconventional setting isn’t a drawback at all, pulling in readers of all ages.

Starfield Library

4.Hipster Common Ground is an architectural and commercial highlight combined. Stacks of shipping containers have been transformed to house concept brands, small cafés, independent artists and bookstores. Live performances keep the main square upbeat.

Common Ground

5.The sloping hills of Itaewon are alive with the scent of food. Home to international cuisine and thrift stores, this westernized district is a popular dining spot for those craving more exotic tastes. Post-meal activities include bar hopping for foreigners, regardless of weekday or weekend.

Itaewon Bar

6.Cash in on your thrills at Lotte World, the largest indoor amusement park that proves popular among families. The Lotte complex it is located in also offers amazing views on its observation deck.

Lotte World Amusement Park

7.Gangnam’s gleaming skyscrapers denote it as the central business district, and COEX Mall’s convention and exhibition center positions it as a boundary-crossing venue. Come nighttime however, the glitzy shops and high-class vibe gives way to snazzy bars and top-tier nightclubs.

Gangnam Statue

8.Gyeongbokgung Palace and neighboring Changdeokgung Palace are reminders of the great Joseon Dynasty. Tour the expansive grounds in rental hanboks for an elevated and cultural experience.

9.Located in Gangnam, Bongeunsa Temple stands out as a relic among high-rises. One of the most reserved temples in Seoul, it is known for its careful restoration work, multitude of statues and bright lanterns. 

10.Keep your voices low while exploring the nostalgic Bukchon Hanok Village. Iron lion knockers guard the solid doors of these beautifully preserved residences. Stone walls protect these live-in heritage sites from modern exposure.

Bukchon Hanok Village

With these attractions on your itinerary, you’ll be able to explore the treasures of Seoul and immerse yourself in a culture like no other. Follow our blog for more upcoming posts and your guide to Seoul coming soon!

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